Springtime madness


Sorry we have been so quiet, mummy is so busy these days, and I have to wait until she has time before I can do my blog! Being a small blue whippet, I need help! Anyway, she tells me what to put and she says that you all need to know about the exciting shows they have lined up for Redhound to meet the public and most importantly, their dogs! The first one is in London, and we are going to our Auntie Claires for the week where Frankie and I will have a sofa each and a cat to chase!

So, a date for your diaries 21st -25th March at the Business Design Centre in Islington for the Country Living Spring show, you can get tickets on http://www.countrylivingfair.com/spring/tickets mum says it is a good idea to have measured your dog before you come, so you will know what size coat or jumper to buy!

Then they are going to be at Badminton Horse Trials from May 3rd – 6th in the Country Living Pavillion with lots of other lovely peeps selling lots of lovely things!! Frankie and I don’t know where we will be that week, we are hoping to stow away so we can go camping with them and meet lots of the doggie customers, mmmm not sure that will happen! Details for that one are http://www.badminton-horse.co.uk/index.php/tickets-2/

In June they are going to be a bit closer to home at the Wealden Times Summer show, you can get details here http://www.wealdentimes.co.uk/events/coming-soon/

They are doing some more later in the year, but I will let you know nearer the time. Seems like a lot of hard work that us two whippets won’t be needed for, we miss them when they go away, but we do get to stay with our lovely aunties and uncles and we do have lovely holidays!!

Mum says that we have lots of lovely new products, new beds, new bandanas, and our new popper fronted dog coats, especially for dogs with big ears who don’t like having things put over their heads. So clever, my mummy! Us whippets have lots of lovely coats and jumpers and beds, because we have to try all the products out before they can be sold, oh yes, we have to approve everything!! If you can please a whippet, then you can please most breeds of dogs!

Just one more thing, you can follow us on as @RedhoundforDogs on https://twitter.com/#!/RedhoundforDogs  and also on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Redhound-for-dogs/162648393757834 where we put up lots of funny pictures and we would love you to log on and like us!

Hope to see you all soon!!


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An Exciting Year Ahead


I firstly have to say sorry  for the lack of posts in October, November and December! I have been such a busy blue whippet keeping everything running smoothly at Redhound HQ!

In October mummy and daddy moved us all from Devon to Kent and me and Frankie love it here! There are lots of fields we can run in and no cows or sheep just stuff that people eat, which means that we can be off our leads much more to run about and chase bunnies! And being as we are now living in the countryside we don’t meet any nasty dogs who might want to chase or bite us.

In November they went up to the Country Living show and we went to stay with our uncle Stevie, and we get to sleep in the bed and have lots of lovely treats! I think they had a good time as the house was full of beds for a week while they got packed and sent out! And mummy was very stressed by the whole thing!

Then in December mum was jumping about for joy because our bandanas were in the Guardian Gift Guide thingy! And so she was on the sewing machine most of the month making lots and lots for our customers, I find them silly things, my long whippet neck looks a bit daft in one but I suppose some of those terrier types probably do suit one!

Oh and then Redhound went onto something called http://www.notonthehighstreet.com whatever that is, I am only a blue whippet and although I can get my paws around the keyboard I don’t understand all this Internet business! They seem happy about it all though!

So, that brings me up to date with it all! I am looking forward to trying out some new bean bag dog beds and modeling some new dog jumpers with my schnauzer friend Pepper, she is my colour so look out for us on the website!

Happy New Year with love from Bruno x

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Mad knitting mummy!

Clean Frankie!

It has been ages since my last blog, and being a small blue whippet, who needs to sleep alot, and steal food alot, I just haven’t had the time to write my blog!

Twitter keeps us busy and we have lots of lovely hound friends on there now, and they put up great pictures and useful links to news and stories about dogs! All good fun! you can follow us @RedhoundforDogs on www.twitter.com

Mum and dad went away at the beginning of September and took all the doggie stuff up to a place called Burghley, I think they had some horses there too, I like to chase horses, but do get very told off for it…..anyway, when they got back the house was full of donut beds that people had ordered! Me and Frankie couldn’t move in the house, and mummy was frantic as the phone didn’t stop ringing, and more people wanted to buy stuff, and so it didn’t get back to normal until this week! And mum has been knitting EVERY night time as so many customers want her lovely jumpers for their dogs, and I can reccommend them as I don’t leave the house without one in the winter as I get very cold and then I HATE my walks!! click here to see them http://redhound.org/product_categories/wiltshire-jumper/

Frankie covered in Fox Poo!

On our walk yesterday, Frankie got into big trouble as she found an enormous pile of fox poo and rolled in it!! I would have too, but I was busy chasing my ball, but it did mean that I didn’t have to have a bath like she did!! Ha! I hate baths and so does she but she loves the foxy stuff so much more!

Must go, mum says she needs the computer for some ‘processing’ whatever that is, where’s my dinner……?


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First Prize!

Best Veteran

Wow what a day we had yesterday at the annual Ugbrook Whippet Fun Day! It is the highlight of my year! Lots of whippets all get together in this lovely place which has a very big garden! Not that we are allowed to run around it, all had to be on our best behavior and stay on our leads, but this was ok, I sat on the picnic mat and looked handsome with my red rosette, which matched my new red collar, after I had won in the best veterans catagory! Mummy was sooo proud of me, and the judge said I was looking good for my age! I am only 8! Still, I took the treat sticks, trophy, rosette and the sausage that was on offer!!

Having to rest today after all the excitement of yesterday, because on the way home we stopped off at our friends house and had lots of sniffs and chases of rabbits in their garden, even stayed out in the rain! Bunnies weren’t wanting to play with me and Frankie though. Still always next time, we whippets live in hope!!

Good bye until next time

Bruno (Best Veteran 2011)


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Happy Whippet Holidays!

Well, what a busy month it has been for us whippets, oh and for mum and dad running Redhound for Dogs, did you know that they use my picture on the logo?

We had a lovely day with our photographer who lives in a brilliant place for dogs, in the countryside, and not very secure fencing, me and Frankie went straight under the gate and up the lane to explore the neighbours garden while she was drinking tea! What fun we had, until we got called back to pose for photos in beds! Well, we didn’t feel much like staying still and posing, and even Miller was being naughty! Then she got the chicken out, well, that was a good enough reason to stay still and let them get the photos that they wanted! Dogs will do anything when roast chicken is around!

Then mum and dad left us after packing up a big white van, which I did try and stowaway in twice, got found though, and if I had known that our Uncle Stevie and Auntie Hillary were coming down to look after us I wouldn’t have bothered! We had the best time, lots of beaches and cliff walks, and frisbee time, and sleeping on the bed (at night), and drinkies at pubs and it was lovely! oh and no cat, he went off to some place where they look after them! Then they came home and U Stevie and A Hills went….:(

We were quite glad to see them home, but then the activity has been mad, no peace for a blue whippet, so many parcels, looks like every other dog in the country is getting one of their lovely donut dog beds, mums been so busy packing up stuff, and there did seem to be alot less than they took, mmm must have sold it. I could smell other dogs, so I think they have been stroking and speaking to lots at the CLA. Mums in the workroom again today, more orders I suppose!

Less packages around today so I think I will find a cosy bed, not too difficult round here as we do have to test the range out, and sleep all day, maybe in a sunny place.

Woof woof



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Busy at Redhound HQ

Well what else is a whippet to do on a rainy day in Devon, but to get on the computer while mum is busy in the workroom making new bed covers! Yes it is all a bit boring for a little blue whippet, even Frankie is fed up with the weather, and she being a lurcher doesn’t really seem to mind the rain if there is something to chase. She has taken to getting into the spare bed, very annoying for mum as she has to keep making it!

Mum is planning a photo session next week to get some pictures of the new beds, and this I do enjoy, being the best behaved model, Frankie can’t stay still, let alone lie and pose in a bed, and Miller, a labradoodle is also abit excitable, so I shine! Well there is lots of bribery in the form of treats, yum yum!!

And on the 20th July mum and dad are off to Blenheim palace to some big CLA Game Show, something they are doing with Country Living, well, all I know is that they aren’t taking us! But I did here them talking and it seems that our favourite aunt and uncle are coming down to stay here in our house, and look after us! Yippee, bye mum and dad! we always do exciting things when they go away and the cat usually goes to the cattery, so free run of the house for me and Frankie!

So I will have lots to tell you next time, and I expect there might be some nice new iconic photo of me to post up too!! Talking of my picture, and some of my friends too, we are now on a new website, www.frombritainwithlove.com you’ll see Wilber on there, and Frankie, and Miller and me of course, I’m the handsome whippet in the blue houndstooth jumper!


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Life at Redhoundfordogs HQ

Well, it has been a while since my last blog, and that is because everybody has been so busy here at redhoundfordogs HQ, it’s been quite difficult for me a Frankie to get any snoozing done!!

Apparently they had a very good time at the Devon County Show, and I only can guess this as us dogs weren’t able to go, and to be honest wouldn’t have wanted to, at least at home we had plenty of peace and quiet, and we had lovely walks in the middle of the day with our best whippet friends, Cloud and Barney. Anyway, when they got back from the show, it was all parcels and posting everywhere!! Couldn’t get on my favourite sofa for two days!

Then we had the best weekend ever when we went to Port Eliot with our friend Noah, to a whippet tea party, yeah! can you believe it? our hosts were Roo and Lark and they had about 100 whippets there all ready to share the wonderful cakes and flan things that had been made just for us!! It was so good, we loved it, and then we had a fab run round in the field with Noah, great day out, we all slept in the car on the way home!

Sorry don’t know how to rotate the picture!! Well I am only a small whippet, this is all new to me!!

Getting tired now and think I will get into my lovely donut bed, and dream of cakes!

We got rosettes too!

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Whippets never learn!

Just trying to get cosy!

Hello from a very forlorn whippet down here in Devon. It’s that time of year yet again, where there are lots and lots of rabbits frolicking around in the fields, and woods where we go for our walks, and they are there to be chased, aren’t they? Mmmm sadly there are also many hazards lurking in the woods just put there to catch a fast running whippet out! And I was caught out, and ended up with a big gash in my hind leg! OOOppps. I didn’t think it hurt too much but mum and dad still took me to the vets, which they know I hate! And then the lady there took it upon herself to staple up my wound!! Staple, what am I? a piece of furniture being reupholstered?? And that wasn’t the worst of it, I have to have a big plastic collar on at all times because they think I can’t be trusted not to lick it!! Oh the humiliation.

Anyway last night in my quest to get comfy, I had to burrow under mums vintage throw on the sofa, and put all the new cushions on the floor at the same time. She called it Buster Collar Carnage….not sure what she means, but I had a cosy bed for the night, and if she can work out how to get it onto this blog she’s said she’s going to post it. We’ll see.

So, when I get these staples out and no longer have to wear this silly collar, I’ll be able to get back to what we whippets do best, chase rabbits!!

Until next time


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Hello and Welcome to Redhound for Dogs



Redhound for Dogs HQ

Hello, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Bruno and I am an 8 year old blue whippet whose owners run a wonderful business selling all dog products!! I’m told that you can ‘visit’ their online shop, although I’m not sure what this means, don’t think it’s one I would wait outside…at www.redhoundfordogs.com and that this is a ‘blog’ where I can write about it all! At last I can put my talents to the test outside the obvious modelling skills, and that of being able to catch a Frisbee in flight!

How did it all start?

Well, when I was very young, I was told that I had a skin problem called alopecia, which really means that I have lots of bald patches, and that in the sun I get hot very quick, and in the cold I’m rubbish, always shivering! So, mum started knitting me jumpers, and because they were so stylish other dogs wanted them, so, she started making them for other dogs, and well, it went on from there. She now makes wonderful waterproof dog coats, cosy beds and much more! Heaven for me and my sister Frankie, well, she’s not my real sister, she’s a whippet lurcher, but she’s been around most of my life and we are a great team.

New Dog Beds

I am trying to have a peaceful day, but here at Redhound for Dogs HQ it’s getting hectic as some new beds have just arrived and apparently I am expected to try them out. Oh it is a hard life for a working whippet, I expect she will want to be photographing me again. This is what happens when you are the house muse, I’m used to it really and don’t much mind if it helps mum get the sizes right for other dogs in need of coats and jumpers.

Bruno looking handsome!


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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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